Thursday, February 19, 2009

Budget Entertaining 101: Dining Alfresco

Spring is on its way!!!
That means dining Al Fresco
Loosely translated, Alfresco means outdoors, and if you are a gardener like I am, you probably can`t wait to get outdoors and begin gardening. This year show off your all of your hard work by entertaining outdoors. Serve your guests dinner Alfresco without spending a lot.

Read on for ideas for dining Al Fresco.


Lola said...

Funny, I was just thinking about having my coffee and breakfast out on the deck. No chance of that here for quite some time. I'm in Illinois and we're going through another cold snap.

Greenfingers said...

28 days before Spring! Cool post! I tried that kind of dining before Christmas and it was perfect. Oh well. I hope I can have it again with a partner. Hahaha LOL. Nice post buddy! God bless.

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