Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting Homes and Gardens Ready for Winter

Properly preparing the home and gardens for the winter season is just as important as the work that is put into them to keep them beautiful during the growing season.

By the time the growing season draws to an end, even avid gardeners seem glad that they can take of the gardening gloves and put away the rakes, shovels for the season. But a true gardener knows that the work does not stop when the blooms begin to wither and die off. In order to maintain a healthy lawn and garden during the spring and summer months, there is plenty of work that must be done in the fall.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Live Long and Stay Cancer Free

A healthy immune system can help destroy cancer cells as well as preventing them from multiplying or forming tumors. Unhealthy diets that are made up of too many animal fats, dairy products, white flours and sugars can cause the body to become acidic and lead to acidosis. Acidosis weakens body`s immune system and although easily overlooked during routine exams, can cause many health problems such as, but not limited to osteoporosis, diabetes, joint and muscle pain as well as cancer.

A healthy diet that is made up of at least 80% fresh vegetables, cooked, eaten raw or juiced, is all it takes to regulate pH balance and take the body from an acidic state to a more alkaline state. Fresh raw vegetables are especially effective because they provide live enzymes that are quickly and easily absorbed, providing nourishment and stimulating the growth of healthy cells.

Monday, August 24, 2009


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Buy Organic Produce For Less Money

Supermarkets that charge elevated prices are not the only place to find healthy organic foods. To find the best prices on organic food, just think local.

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Must Have Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Using the freshest ingredients available is perhaps the most important step in preparing healthy, delicious meals, but what about how it is cooked, or what it is cooked in? Many home cooks tend to overlook the importance of basic kitchen tools when preparing meals. Having a kitchen that is stocked with the right tools and gadgets can make all of the difference when it comes time to prepare meals. The right tools save time and make meal preparation less stressful.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Healthy and Easy Weight Loss

Throw Away the Diet Plans and Start Losing Weight For Good

Obesity and other weight related conditions are responsible for as many as 50% of treatable deaths today, and most of those who are obese are that way simply because they overeat. There are as many reasons for overeating as there are people, so it is important for the dieter to come to terms with these reasons before embarking on any weight loss plan. Image source

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jack Daniels Seared Scallops With Mushroom Sauce

Easily recognized by its distinctive bottle shape and black label, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is one of the most popular whiskeys in the world. The unique flavor of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is developed by the whiskey being filtered through sugar maple charcoal before the aging process begins at the Jack Daniels distillery located in Lynchburg Tennessee. Oddly enough, the county that is home to one of the world`s most famous distilleries is a dry county.