Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Get Rid of Tough Pet Odors

While tough stains on carpeted areas can be a big problem for pet owners, the accompanying odors can be unbearable and seem almost impossible to get rid of. Animals have an amazing sense of smell, so if the job is not done properly, enough odor will remain for the animal can relocate the spot and soil it again.

Pet odors are protein based and cannot be eliminated with everyday spot cleaning methods. In order to remove the odor an enzyme based cleaner/deodorizer must be used and a proper procedure must be followed.


Dr. Lauren said...

I'm having this issue with my new pup right now. She was doing so well after a week, but it seems she has fallen back on old habits. Fabulosa just doesn't work.

*mrsMartinez* said...

i wonder why when a carpet is inside my room, my pet does not wet on it. But when I place the carpet or mat outside my room, instantly, you can see that she has wet on it lol

JBs cookinglady said...

Sometimes my dog will do good but, if she gets mad at me, she is horrible and will go where ever she wants.

She's very tempermental.