Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Live Long and Stay Cancer Free

A healthy immune system can help destroy cancer cells as well as preventing them from multiplying or forming tumors. Unhealthy diets that are made up of too many animal fats, dairy products, white flours and sugars can cause the body to become acidic and lead to acidosis. Acidosis weakens body`s immune system and although easily overlooked during routine exams, can cause many health problems such as, but not limited to osteoporosis, diabetes, joint and muscle pain as well as cancer.

A healthy diet that is made up of at least 80% fresh vegetables, cooked, eaten raw or juiced, is all it takes to regulate pH balance and take the body from an acidic state to a more alkaline state. Fresh raw vegetables are especially effective because they provide live enzymes that are quickly and easily absorbed, providing nourishment and stimulating the growth of healthy cells.

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Tabitha Zesch said...

I LOVE your blog name! I have heard about the importance of keeping the body from becoming too acidic, but do you have any tips or ideas for those of us who can't seem to convert to an 80% veg diet? (or 20% on most days ;-) Great subject. I would love to hear more about it!