Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Bake Perfect Homemade Yeast Breads

Defined simply as a food made from flour or meal that is moistened, kneaded and baked, bread in a variety of forms has been a universal food since prehistoric times.

When making yeast breads, sugar, salt and warm water are added to the yeast, to stimulate growth and to help start the fermentation process. During the fermentation process gasses are released that cause the elastic structure of the flour to rise.

Because yeast does not like the cold, it is important that all ingredients used to make yeast breads be at room temperature, and that doughs should be allowed to rise in a warm area that is free of draft. Breads should be cooked quickly in hot ovens and allowed to cool on a way from any drafts.


Chef E said...

You read my mind, I am in the mood for some baking...was thinking about my mom's homemade Bridgeford rolls!

Anonymous said...

I can only wish that I could bake, or even cook, but alas other things have always come first. I will return to see your wonderful site.

Best Regards,
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Glynis said...

Mmm fresh bread, I love it! Thanks for the tips.

Christian Books said...

I never knew bread could look so good!

<3 Lindsay

April said...

I use to use my bread maker (It was a wedding present long long ago ;D ) now its broken and I'm going to have to start doing it the hard way cause I miss the smell of fresh baked bread. LOL