Friday, September 5, 2008

Don't Kill That Dandelion

We know it as the Dandelion, but it has also been called Priest's Crown, Blow Ball and Swine's Snout and while many people think of the Dandelion as a troublesome weed, it is actually nature's greatest healing herb.

This article courtesy of Darlene McFarlane @ The Health Exchange


Ivory Soap said...

Wow. Had no idea. It is amazing how much has been forgotten about these natural home remedies.

Thanks for a great site. We like it a lot and would be honored if you would accept the "I Love Your Blog" award over at our place.

Ivory Soap and Tomato Lady
Little House in the Suburbs

Janet Ann said...

I love this one! I grow dandelions indoors all of the time, not just the beautiful wild weedy ones, but chicory, aka Italian Dandelion, a great salad green if used in moderation and together with sweeter greens. Even young dandelion green have a "bite."